Marble Lashkar is a unique Iranian marble stone

One of the types of Iranian marble is Lashkar marble which is usually processed into two types of rock slab and sandstone. This stone is known in the world markets as Piatra Gray and can be cut in tiles and slabs. Isfahan is the main source of this rock, and the mine is located 35 kilometers south of Isfahan in an area called Lashkar. Isfahan is the main pole of stone production in the country and is one of the most desirable rocks in this city.

Features Lashkar Marble

One of the most important features that can lead to many applications of the Lachister marble is the low water absorption of this rock. Lash rock has a good resistance to water penetration, which means that water and moisture can hardly affect the rock because it uses lash rock for use in sanitary facilities.
Also the high strength of this stone makes us expect decorative applications of this stone. This stone is made of marble and it can be cut in different sizes and sizes because it can be used in different parts of the building. For example, stepping stones and floor stone are important applications of this stone. Indoor and outdoor paving is one of the major uses of this rock because it can withstand severe weather and temperature variations from cold to warm and is highly resistant to rain and sunlight.
Dimensions used for paving are 40 * 40.

high resistance
Weather resistant
And reasonable price

Other features that have more marble.
The appearance of the Lachrite marble stone can be attributed to its black, gray or gray background, with white streaks. These natural stones are usually:

Bush Hammer
And Hund

It is processed and consumed on the market.

Two important uses of Lashkar Marble

As we said, marble has a higher resistance to use on the exterior of buildings.
This stone is so strong that it has been used in Isfahan Jahan Square view and so far no damage has been done to it. Tehran’s Azadi Square is another important site that has been used in Lashkar Marble stone for its paving facade, which has shown good resistance in both places. Because these two are very crowded places in the city and this stone has been the crossroads of cars, humans and even animals but still retains its stability and remains.
The surface of this rock is crushed
It is very suitable for use as a building floor and paving stone
Because it prevents surface slippage.
Another good use of this masonry is to use it as a parking slab because it does not damage the traffic of the car and the traces of the car’s tires do not remain on the stone because the color is dark and the car’s dark traces have no effect on it. And nothing less than the original beauty of the stone. Today, it is one of the best-selling types of building stone in the global export arena and many of its products are exported from foreign marble.

Knowledge of Lashkar Marble

Lashkar Marble is a type of marble that is found to varying degrees and quality from the original marble.
This building stone is very hard. In many cases at the factory, the stone is treated in a non-destructive manner and then grafted manually or in a machine, according to which it is called marble slabs and manual marble slabs. The reason for grinding this stone is that its hardness is high and for use in the outer spaces, it increases the friction on the stone and reduces its slippage.
Manufacturers and suppliers of Lashkar Marble stone make this masonry in two ways:
Low-lying rocker
Rocky rock
They know that the low-lying rock is once broken.
But the rock fills the rock several times, leaving no empty space on the rock. This stone is used in bookmaking and its special color is highly appreciated in domestic and foreign markets. In the process of manufacturing and processing of this stone, epoxy is used to fill the pores and surface layers of the stone. The stone is processed by using a tinted or colorless mastic to fill the superficial veins of the stone. The indirect UV method directs the special resin into the stone veins and stabilizes it, which results in good polishing and polishing of the stone.
This marble is one of the most popular marbles.
One of the most important uses of Lashkar Marble in:

Interior and exterior walls of buildings
Floor stone
Stepping stone
And stone cabinets

Hotel lobby
Interior and exterior and stone floor of restaurants and cafes
And other places are more important applications of rock.

The price of Lashkar Marble

To determine the price of the Labrador marble stone it should be considered raw crude because the price of the Labrador slab stone or the price of this stone varies widely. The processing of this stone must meet international standards and the thickness of the stone should usually be 2 cm. Lush marble is usually used for processing large lumps, which makes it very difficult to keep one hand tight, which affects the price of the marble and increases its price.


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