Stone wall and stone application ideas for wall covering

Think of the stone wall as a kind of interior decoration design.
Stones are natural elements that are of particular beauty and color, so a suitable choice for home interior design could be the use of masonry stone. Natural stone can be mounted on walls and floors and can be of particular interest to the interior. Although synthetic stone can also be used, stone is still something you can use for many years and is one of the materials that does not become old and does not need to be replaced after only a few years. Simple your space will regain the charm and beauty of the past.

Stone wall with artificial and natural stone

Today, the use of artificial stone for interior design is becoming more common as artificial stones are lighter than natural stone and easy to install and also easier to maintain and clean than artificial stone. But natural stones can bring nature to your home and are more quality and beautiful than synthetic stones. However, it is your taste to use natural stones at home, or we are more familiar with some of the uses of stone walls in creating:

Stone wall and its applications

The stone wall can be used in different buildings and different parts of it. Stone wall can be used in addition to homes and residential buildings in commercial, office, medical and industrial buildings. One of the uses of this type of coating is in the living room wall, countertop and kitchen wall and, as mentioned, the fireplace margin. But in commercial and office buildings you can:

Reception desk cover
Stone wall behind desk management
Or a coffee table at coffee shops and restaurants

If you want to make part of your home or office wall more important than others, stone can be a good option, for example the wall behind the TV or the wall behind the desk can be separated from other interior parts. The stone wall can do this easily.

Stone counters

An interesting application of the stone wall is the use of stone in the design of the counter. You can stone-set your kitchen counter or reception desk and give it a special touch. Using crumbs can add some variety to your interior and create interesting designs. Use the color of the stone you want and match it with other components of your array.

The stone margin around the fireplace

One of the important uses of stone wall is the use of stone as a fireplace. Note that you should use the appropriate stone around the fireplace as it should be highly resistant to heat so as not to damage it over time and not lose its original beauty.
An interesting idea for a fireplace stone is to use irregular crushed stone
And together they can be designed as a stone border for the fireplace.

Stone cover of columns

Many houses have columns that make home decoration uneven. Decorating columns with natural stones is one of the tricks you can use to beautify your decoration. You must have one or two of these pillars that have overshadowed the beauty of your decoration, but these pillars are built for your building strength and you can easily Use the stone wall cover to make the best view of your column. Having a stone-faced column between wood or ceramic materials can give a stunning effect to your decoration.
You can do this by:

Antique rock
And travertine stone
And other building stones

Round window frame with masonry stone
Another use of stone wall coverings is to use them as a frame around windows and doors. Windows and doors are one of the most indispensable interior components and their beauty greatly influences the beauty of the interior. Masonry can be used as a frame around windows and doors and gives them a special beauty. For this purpose, both the exterior and exterior of the stone wall around the windows and doors can be used. Various stones can be used, of course, depending on whether we use it for interior or exterior.

Stone tableau and house door head

Other uses of stone wall coverings can be referenced to stone boards and headboards. Examples can be found in old buildings and mosques. But nowadays, stones with new and attractive designs can be used as stone boards or headboards. Stone paneling using ordinary stones can give your interior a stunning beauty.
These stones are very common today
And most of the time you don’t have to spend high costs
And using ordinary stones can create very beautiful stone panels. The stone boards can be made from crumbs and scrap stone and come in various designs. The home’s door head, which is mostly used for the home’s main door, is also one of the other uses of natural and artificial stones.

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